Indianapolis Railways Streetcar No. 153

Indianapolis Railways streetcar No. 153 is the last surviving streetcar from the once world-renowned Indianapolis streetcar system - one of the largest in the United States.  153 was built by the Brill Company, an electric railroad car manufacturer, in 1934 to hold up to 47 passengers in city commuter service. For nearly 20 years, this car provided a connective thread for the citizens of Indianapolis between their careers, businesses, homes and expansive travel on the vast Indiana electric railway system.

Prior to the famous PCC streetcar design used throughout North America in the 20th century that standardized streetcars, 153’s design is considered to be one of the best designs ever produced. The car ran through the 1950s; the last streetcar ran in January of 1953.  This car was marked for preservation, due to its significance to the history of Indianapolis as part of one of the largest, most critical electric railway systems in the United States and the world.