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Who we are.

Our Mission

Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. exists to spark imagination in people of all ages by bringing all walks of life together to experience the art, science, culture, technology and economic empowerment of Indiana’s world-renowned electric railway industry from the 20th century.

Our Vision

Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. will develop into a world-class organization in order to preserve the legacy of Indiana’s electric railways and its people. This will result as an immersive experience that is educational, entertaining and authentic as a true mode of transportation.

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Live WIre Blog

Electricity moves at the speed of light - so does our effort to preserve Indiana's electric railway heritage. Find developments, news, fun articles and more via our Live Wire Blog. 

The Trolleys

The electric current between the past and today.

Get to know  the Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. time machines to 20th Century Indiana - a time prior to the reign of the automobile where comfort, speed and a cup of coffee with the daily newspaper was a way of life.

So, what's the difference between and interurban and a streetcar? What are they?

An interurban  was designed with comfort in mind for high-speed, long-distance travel between cities as well as the occasional movement of perishable goods, like flowers or milk, from farm-to-city.

A streetcar was designed to move people short distances inter-city from one point to another at lower speeds. One would typically take the streetcar to go shopping, go to work downtown, or visit a friend across town.

The Company Store

Back when your ancestors were young and hip, electric railways were the way to roll. Support the nonprofit Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. with novel, eye-catching trolley swag from the Company Store. Soft, art-filled apparel awaits your next social gathering.

Be the highlight of conversation and support the Hoosier Heartland mission - we think your new purchase will make sparks fly.